Beware of spoofing emails from unscrupulous entities

Dear Esteemed Business Partners and Clients, there has been an upsurge of spoofing emails with malicious intentions. This is in fact spreading like wild fire across the market, affecting other glove manufacturers and distributors as of late. Please be informed that we will never change our Bank Details via an email to you. 


False Domain Alert

Please be wary on the false domain ‘Bightway919’ & ‘Brightway9l9’ and that there’s no change in our account details nor do we use any third party accounts for our transactions.



Our Products

Our strength is our ability to meet detailed customer specifications and provide a wide range of customisable products in line with the quality requirements and market demands of our customers.

Nitrile Gloves

Our durable gloves gives you excellent barrier protection and unmatched quality.



About Brightway

Incorporated in 1988, Brightway Holdings produces a full range of natural and synthetic gloves and markets globally for the medical, industrial and cleanroom applications. Brightway, which commenced its manufacturing operations with 4 production lines in 1991 is located at Batu Belah, Klang which is close to Port Klang.



340 million

Gloves produced / month



Enterprise-ready compliance

Brightway's quality standards, management systems and exemplary regulatory compliance, all contribute to the global success of the company. Our manufacturing plants and the entire manufacturing process are subject to most stringent quality tests and are regularly checked.

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